The DriveSales™ | Here are the 3 simple tactics to build rapport quickly in sales meetings!

Building rapport in sales, especially B2B sales, is more than hiring competent sales representatives with an outgoing personality — it takes a comprehensive framework and rigorous discipline to ensure meticulous preparation and implementation taking place across the board within the teams.

Building rapport is a fail-proof modus operandi and a strategic skill that takes methodical planning and preparation and could exist by itself. Building rapport aids in strengthening relationships. And relationships have always been at the center of a successful business. They are the means of getting started and staying afloat, to build on a thriving business.

The problem is…

The DriveSales™ | Make sure you follow these top 5 high-impact techniques to ace cold calling in today’s world!

Cold calling is a lead-generating activity in sales when sales teams reach out to potential customers who have not expressed any interest in the products or services offered. Cold calling refers to soliciting prospects through phone calls or face-to-face meetings without having any prior contact.

Despite a deluge of lead generation and digital communication channels available in today’s hyper-connected world along with the persistence of the myth that “Cold calling is dead”, many sales teams still find the good old-fashioned cold calls to be an effective sales strategy. …

The DriveSales™ | Do you know that these are the top 5 critical behaviours to follow in every first sales conversation!

Sales meetings/conversations with new prospects can be a tricky affair. The fact that a prospect has agreed to meet a sales rep is a great sign as prospects are instinctively inclined towards guarding their internal organizational information and are generally busy with their pressing day-to-day responsibilities.

The primary reason for being frowned upon by the prospects is the air of distrust surrounding salespeople being the bottom-feeders of our commerce system honed in the art of deceit and manipulation for achieving their sole goal of selling their product or service. …

The DriveSales™ | Top 4 most effective and efficient critical steps to become a master in solution selling!

Back in 1975, Frank Watts, who was an employee at Wang Laboratories at that time, developed a new approach to selling, which would become to be known as solution selling. This new sales technique had a radically different selling process than the most popular sales methodology of the time — product selling.

Solution selling has an amazingly simple premise: A salesperson has to diagnose their prospect’s pain point or need, and accordingly recommend the right set of products and/or services to resolve the situation. The prospect might not even know if a problem exists, how urgent or important it is…

The DriveSales™ | Here is the ultimate guide to develop a successful sales plan for your business!

A sales plan is a strategy that sets out the key objectives, sales targets, and tactics, target audience, potential obstacles with corresponding solutions, and any other information needed to meet the targets. In other words, it’s a business plan focusing specifically on the sales strategy.

An effective sales plan should include the following key elements:

Communicate revenue goals and objectives

Contains all necessary information relating to key target customers

Provides detailed tactics and strategies for smooth execution

Defines budgets and resources necessary for achieving the targets

Outlines roles and responsibilities for the sales team(s) and the leadership

Monitors the sales…

The DriveSales™ | Here are the top 7 essential KPIs to measure the performance of inside sales teams!

After setting up your inside sales process and expanding your customer base, it’s important to start measuring the success of your performance. We live in the age of data and there is probably, if anything, too much of it. On top of that, we are becoming smarter day-by-day — not just about how to measure, but also looking for better ways of measuring itself in the first place. This is where key performance indicators (KPIs) play a crucial role. KPIs allow to better understand how sales organization can improve by identifying the behaviours which lead to best results. …

The DriveSales™ | Here is a beginner’s guide to inside sales to make bold moves and make million-dollar deals!

In the past few years, the shift from Outside Sales to Inside Sales has grown rapidly due to the changes in the selling practice. Since technology revolutionized sales and the interaction between clients and sellers has completely changed, it forced companies to search for new ways of communication with leads for generating high revenue. Therefore, inside sales have become a priority for many businesses as they are carried out mainly through remote and technology-driven communication.

Inside sales refer to making a sale ‘remotely’ from within an office environment, via email, phone, social media, or any other online channels with no…

The DriveSales™ | Here are the top 5 most effective and efficient strategies for shortening the sales cycle and increasing ROI!

One of the most critical organizational goals has been to shorten the sales cycle without any up-front investment in the sales process. Long sales cycles invariably lead to missed opportunities and wasted resources. Shorter sales cycles give more time for generating additional leads and eventually improving the bottom line. A shorter sales cycle can prove to be a strong competitive advantage allowing companies to grow their business and increase market share.

In many cases, sales teams spend time with under qualified or unqualified prospects who take a long time to ultimately reject the product, thereby leading to the loss of…

The DriveSales™ | Here are the top 7 effective sales strategies for dental clinics and centres!

All dental practices acknowledge the importance of dental patient sales strategies. From reaching out to new patients and strengthening ties with existing ones, such strategies are essential for any practice to survive and thrive.

There is no right answer when it comes to dental sales strategies, and there are multiple strategies available at any dental clinic’s disposal. For most practical purposes, using a combination of the different dental sales methodologies is expected to yield the best results.

Let us take a look at the following 7 most effective sales strategies to promote and improve sales of any dental practice.


The DriveSales™ | Here are the top 8 essential sales strategies for pet shops and boutique owners!

The pet industry, especially services, is thriving globally. Pet owners have a deeply emotional connection to their pets, just like any other family member. Whether it be for grooming services, apparel, food, veterinarian services, toys, etc., pet owners seldom flinch at the thought of splurging on their pets. Pet retailers have been formulating new innovative ways to engage consumers with their brands when it comes to pets’ needs.

These sales strategies are just a few ways brands are driving sales by reaching out to prospective pet owners.

1) A Unique Product Portfolio:

As discussed in the previous section, this deep…

The DriveSales™ | Making Sales Stories Promising!

SELLING is HARD. You don’t make sale by chance. But, if you are willing to, then we can help make selling promising!

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