How AI enabled tech platform The DriveSales™ is game changer for today’s sales workforce and enterprise!

The DriveSales™ is an online, on-demand platform where startups and enterprises, both large and small, are provided access to vetted and verified elite sales professionals (we call them Sales Talents) and sales training programs. We position ourselves as an early-stage sales tech company specializing and developing two major products, i.e., premium, scrutinized sales talent-hiring and on-demand, customized, tailor-fit sales training programs for aspiring salespeople and enterprises. We are fabricating an ecosystem to connect companies with a verified pool of sales talent on a full-time, part-time, internship, consulting, and trainer basis.

Product one (Sales Talent Network) has been developed with a deep focus on sales hiring through our technology intensive AI-driven platform. Our platform helps businesses bridge the sales talent gap with scientifically backed, algorithm based talent profiling. We assist start-ups & enterprises recruit the crème de la crème, verified sales talent in within an industry claimed 72 hours. Based on the companies’ requirements, our algorithm matches them with the best sales talent from our repository having the necessary skillset.

We are in the process of building a technology that shall streamline the process of sales talent recruitment through a skill-based matchmaking algorithm that would result in saving more than 80 percent time for the recruiters. India is on its way to become the world’s fastest growing startup ecosystem, and with a stellar registration rate of new companies (companies’ registration were up 27% in FY21 to over 155,000 company incorporations), there will always be a dearth of sales talent. We wish to leverage this opportunity at the earliest to drive our company’s growth.

Many organizations are faced with the issue of acquiring reliable, full-time sales hiring to sector-orientated salesperson and other specialized sales talents due to a historically high sales force turnover across the industries. At The DriveSales™, we leverage smart infrastructure and a rigorous screening process to curate the best talent the “sales” world has to offer. In a typical The DriveSales™ engagement, in almost all the cases, we would introduce you to candidates within 72 hours, and as per our records, 90% of our clients hire the first candidate we introduce. These are not just any candidates. The pick from The DriveSales™ that we offer you, we thoroughly screen our talents to ensure that we only supply experts of the highest calibre.

We have observed that startups looking for sales talents have to suffer intensively to find candidates having relevant sales skills as per their expected requirements. Through The DriveSales™, we aim to provide you an easy access to a top and verified pool of sales talents, which saves a lot of your most valuable resource — time.

Our talent on-boarding process is a rigorously designed process composing 4 different steps which include functional assessments and live case studies as well as a demo where we make sure to on-board only the Top 10% of the talents.

The DriveSales™’s focus will be to become your one-stop platform for startups and enterprises to recruit top and verified sales talents across the globe.

Product two (Sales Training): We intend to build the world’s largest sales EdTech Company. While we were performing a market validation, we understood that people can achieve great things in sales with the right guidance, the only thing that was missing was access to relevant instructors and mentors, thus leading us to conceptualise and launch The DriveSales™ — Sales Academy.

According to the India Skills Report by Wheelbox, the employability of Indian MBA graduates has seen a 3% drop over the last year. Annually about 360,000 MBA students pass out from 4,000 B-schools in India and 61% are attached with the status of ‘unemployable’ due to skill gaps and lesser or non-existing work experience, the study says. Indian MBA graduates have lost their edge and there has been a decline in their employment over the last few years, a new report suggests.

Hence, we are in the process to launch a variety of short-term and long-term certifications and courses for both aspiring as well as working sales professionals. Our core intention is to make MBA students from Tier-II and Tier-III colleges and university to brand themselves as ‘white collar sales jobs ready’ as soon as they pass out from their institutions.

With The DriveSales™ — Sales Academy, we are also prepping our technology to offer a wide range of personalized career services, specifically in the sales industry, including 1:1 mentoring sessions with industry experts to aid and assist specially working sales professionals to overcome the challenges in their career trajectory.

Founded in 2021 by Tanay Agarwal and Ankit Raj, the core team also includes seasoned professional Kundan Kumar as the company advisor on board. The DriveSales™ team aims to solve the problem of the skill gap between salespeople and industry expectations by motivating aspiring salespeople and working sales professionals to learn on-demand sales skills and connect them with leading startups and enterprises to add value from Day One of on-boarding itself.

Within months of its inception, The DriveSales™ has managed to engage more than 50+ companies from India. And as we write this, we have close to 500+ sales talents in our basket.

We coexist in a digital age and ‘Digital Presence’ has become more impactful than physical presence in some instances. And utilising the very same digital medium, The DriveSales™ has hit the following digital milestones already:

1) Quora readership is 300K+.

2) Medium readership is nearing 30K+.

3) More than 1Million + digital impression generated on our digital content.

4) Close to 5K+ digital followers across all social media channels.

5) Published 110+ customized sales learning videos on YouTube.

6) Curation and publication of 250+ highly customized sales blogs.

7) Over 50+ sales talents have been exposed to different sales opportunities within 72 hours of platform on-boarding.

8) Over 15+ clients have used our services for sales talent and training. Our #NPS Score stands at 9.

This is DAY 1 and many more to come, thank you so much for all your efforts and contribution Team!




#AI enabled tech platform to hire verified sales talent. And get access to in-demand & job proof sales learning program!

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The DriveSales™ | Making Sales Stories Promising!

The DriveSales™ | Making Sales Stories Promising!

#AI enabled tech platform to hire verified sales talent. And get access to in-demand & job proof sales learning program!

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