Our talent on-boarding process is a rigorously designed process composing 4 different steps which include functional assessments and live case studies as well as a demo where we make sure to on-board only the Top 10% of the talents.

The DriveSales™’s focus will be to become your one-stop platform for startups and enterprises to recruit top and verified sales talents across the globe.

Founded in 2021 by Tanay Agarwal and Ankit Raj, the core team also includes seasoned professional Kundan Kumar as the company advisor on board. The DriveSales™ team aims to solve the problem of the skill gap between salespeople and industry expectations by motivating aspiring salespeople and working sales professionals to learn on-demand sales skills and connect them with leading startups and enterprises to add value from Day One of on-boarding itself.

Within months of its inception, The DriveSales™ has managed to engage more than 50+ companies from India. And as we write this, we have close to 500+ sales talents in our basket.

1) Quora readership is 300K+.

2) Medium readership is nearing 30K+.

3) More than 1Million + digital impression generated on our digital content.

4) Close to 5K+ digital followers across all social media channels.

5) Published 110+ customized sales learning videos on YouTube.

6) Curation and publication of 250+ highly customized sales blogs.

7) Over 50+ sales talents have been exposed to different sales opportunities within 72 hours of platform on-boarding.

8) Over 15+ clients have used our services for sales talent and training. Our #NPS Score stands at 9.



The DriveSales™ | Making Sales Stories Promising!

#AI enabled tech platform to hire verified sales talent. And get access to in-demand & job proof sales learning program!