1. Make curated content — As a publishing company, it is amazingly easy to put out relevant and eye catch content. One can do this by making a blog. Keeping your readers on their toes is a great way of getting loyal readers. Maybe one can put out pieces about authors and the books people can expect in the coming year or so from the publishing agency and so on.

2. Multiple Call to action — While many publishers may want to attract the audience with a single type of call to action. We need to keep in mind that different readers have different tastes and different tastes mean different calls to action. Hence as a publisher leaving the traditional CTA is best and utilization of split CTA can work a great deal. By this, as a publisher, you can use these to direct your audience to the content of their interest. For instance, if a person likes fiction books like Harry Potter by JK Rowling, they can be directed to other books of the same genre such as Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan.

3. Use of drip campaign — What is a drip campaign? It is a way of acquiring new customers through nurturing methods. A drip campaign is done via email. There are three approaches one can take while doing a drip campaign are welcome campaigns, Re-arrangement campaigns, and online courses. Major publications provide online courses on their websites for people who have an interest in writing and publishing. Email marketing works great as email is one of the main sources of communications in the modern world.

4. Send relevant emails — This is crucial. As a publisher makes sure you segregate your email list so that your readers get only relevant content in their email blast. Also, make sure to use personal anecdotes like their names in the being and probably the last book they read. This sort of adds a personalized feeling and a feeling of connection with the company. Some segregation criteria can be Age, gender, location, and interest.

5. Have a strong online presence — This is the most important step. having an online presence as a publisher will benefit you and the brand to a great extent. This is because as a publisher your books will probably be circulated all over the world and you know what else is all over the world? The internet. One can text someone living in the USA from India which is across the world. The power of the internet is immense and there is no shortage of book lovers there. It would be a great move to have a strong social media presence. This will help the brand reach great heights.

1. Not ignoring the opportunity and blaming the situation for revenue loss.

2. Taking important notes and going back to revisit your sales strategy with the growth mindset.

3. Reaching out to Drive Sales if you need any specialized help for sales.



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