1) Identify your dream prospects either by LinkedIn or Google search.

2) Once identified, add them to your social network.

3) Don’t send them a direct cold email, visit their website, social pages — read, research well, find out how you can solve their business problem, accordingly, customize your pitch, and then share over email.

4) If possible, back your pitch with statistics and numbers, remember — number always helps, for eg, our SEO services can you help rank in the top 10 Indian e-commerce site, etc.

5) Offer them “proof of concept” for example, if you are a design agency, supplement your pitch by creating a couple of marketing collaterals specific to your prospects needs.

6) To be more aggressive, prepare a short case study, show the difference between your offer to their present similar solutions. Not more than 10 meaningful slides.

7) Stick to these documents, follow up and close the deal.



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