The DriveSales™ | How to sell successfully to fortune 500 companies!

Fortune 500 companies are those 500 largest companies of United States Corporation whose names are compiled and published by Fortune magazine. Selling to these companies is not the same as selling to your usual prospects. You need outstanding strategic planning to get hold of these companies.

Are planning to sell to Fortune companies? Then, you are in the right place!

Here we have some key steps listed below that will help you crack these deals!

1) Know who the right people are — Reaching out to the right people can be quite confusing while selling to Fortune companies because of its vast size. If you get in touch with the wrong people, try to use them as a medium to get to the right ones. Do not rely on one person only, keep expanding your network.

2) Make the buying process easy — Large companies have complex and long procedures. You have to deal with a lot of people and convince them to buy your product. According to a study, 65% of people tend to buy more when the buying process is easy.

3) Do not expect immediate results — Let’s be realistic, you won’t get immediate results. Selling to a Fortune company is a slow procedure, so you have to be patient. It will take a reasonable time for the procedure to complete.

4) Think out of the box — Remember, Fortune companies keep getting sales pitches now and then. So, to crack this deal you will have to think something out of the box. If you do not offer your prospect something extraordinary, they will never be interested in your product or service.

5) Gain their trust — Gaining the trust of such companies is a tough job. Showing them how successful your product has been in the past would prove useful in this. Gaining trust is essential because here your prospect is not going to take any risk.

Now, as an effective SALESPERSON! We can do three things from here.

1) Ignoring the opportunity and blaming the situation for revenue loss.

2) Taking important notes and going back to revisit your sales strategy with the growth mindset.

3) Reaching out to us if you need any specialized help for sales.

To conclude, what you choose to think also provides some idea of your growth mindset. It is something like George Bernard Shaw’s quote, “Don’t wait for the right opportunity: Create it.”




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