Let us understand the process in-depth so that you can use this sales resource optimally.

Facebook lead generation is done using the ads. Ads are a really simple and effective way to reach a wider audience without having to invest a lot of time and energy in it. Facebook ads are really intuitive and user-friendly and thus, it is really easy and quick to source information from these ads.

In order to do this, you need to effectively review your sales funnel stages and process each stage of the journey.

· Having set audios personas

· Having a set plan as to how a buyer moves throughout the purchasing process

· The content that your audience would like the most in your ads

· The structure that will be user-friendly and catchy for your audience

1) Custom audience — Prospects that interact with your website or imported contact from a custom or open CSV list.

2) Lookalike audience — Prospects who are majorly similar to your existing clients or followers.

3) Saved audience — Audience groups that are frequently used with only the basic targeting options.

4) Special ad audience — A custom-made specialized audience group that has a few compliance limitations.

1) Keep it short — Ensure that your ad talks more through visuals rather than just content. Also, keep in mind that your product or service should be clearly visible. Ensure that your copy is short and engaging so as to make it easy for Facebook users to see it on any device without the need of splitting on cutting the ad by Facebook algorithms.

2) Highlight the benefit — Your ad should only mention the benefit of your product or service through the content and the competitive advantage it can offer to the clients.

3) Incorporate video as a medium — To create more impact on your clients you can also leverage video ads to your Facebook lead generation plan. It could be a testimonial video, motion graphic, how-to-use, or webinar clip. Also, don’t forget to add subtitles to your video ads.

4) Use the in-demand content — if your content is not appropriate to the needs of your clients it doesn’t reflect the clear water of your product or service then the soul exercise becomes futile. Thus, ensure that your content delivers value.

· Reports

· Manuals

· Ebooks

· Coupons and free gifts

· Webinars

· Exclusive and limited offers

· Samples

· Infographics

5) Always create a follow-up sequence — set up various trigger points according to which the viewer gets follow-up mail. It could be as simple as the one-minute mark i.e., as soon as your prospect views one minute of your video ad, he gets an email explaining your business, service, and various ways to reach out.

1. Not ignoring the opportunity and blaming the situation for revenue loss.

2. Taking important notes and going back to revisit your sales strategy with the growth mindset.

3. Reaching out to The DriveSales™ if you need any specialized help for sales.



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