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Despite a deluge of lead generation and digital communication channels available in today’s hyper-connected world along with the persistence of the myth that “Cold calling is dead”, many sales teams still find the good old-fashioned cold calls to be an effective sales strategy. Sales teams have often cited phone calls as the second most effective means of reaching out to prospective customers, second only to referrals.

Cold calls often work better than cold emails because in case the prospect takes the call, has a higher probability of conversion as the conversation is direct, instead of competing for attention with hundreds of other messages in their inbox. However, doing it right is the key to being effective.

Cold calling can also be used as a part of a multi-touchpoint sales strategy such as cold emails, cold text messages, and social selling to drive awareness by putting a voice to the product itself.

Here are some foolproof techniques to make successful cold calls for generating sales in today’s world.

1) Targeting the right prospects (and keeping track of them diligently)

Cold call lists have to do more with quality rather than quantity. Researching on the prospects to gain insights into their wants and needs to target the ones who truly need the product or service.

This list of targets should be segmented and organized based on categories such as the industry, size of business, etc., and segregated further based on the actions taken such as targets pitched, responses received, follow-ups required and, so on. Revisiting and adjusting the list according to the above parameters to filter out the quality leads is the first and foremost step towards a successful cold calling strategy. Most modern sales CRM solutions have such a built-in log to track all call activities with prospects.

2) Having a conversation is a key objective

A cold call’s objective is not just landing a sale, but also to have a meaningful and engaging conversation to plant the seeds of a valuable long-term relationship. Cold callers are generally inclined to follow their script too strictly to sound more robotic. Pushing hard for a sale often does more harm than good. Thus, care should be taken that the conversation should be more about understanding the end-user’s point of view.

3) A detailed call schedule

Calling prospects at an appropriate time significantly impacts the success rate of cold calls, such as calling prospects only during business hours or some preferring their midday lunch breaks. However, there is no fool-proof method except for a trial-and-error method to figure out which time slots work best for most success ranging from early morning or late afternoon being a sweet spot for most prospects.

4) Use call guides instead of sales scripts

Sales scripts are the norm for any sales pitch but on the flip side, they leave little room for conversation. Call guides, on the other hand, serve the purpose of providing a template for a sales pitch, while not constraining them to any single mode of delivery. Call guides provide a clear outline of the topics to be discussed and the corresponding questions to be asked for serving the customers with more flexibility and variable outcomes while conveying a coherent message and promoting key elements of the product or service. A call guide is a structured document with a defined set of guidelines that need to adhere to while interacting with the customers. Call guides give structure and form to agent-customer interactions. An effective call guide should be able to give room to sales teams to tackle every caller independently as customers don’t follow any scripts. Thus, it should be a fine balance between flexibility such that each customer´s specific needs are met while restricting the information flow as per the pre-defined company rules.

5) Filtering leads through Robo-dialers (or predictive dialers)

A Robo-dialer is one of the latest innovations in the cold calling industry wherein a computerized auto-dialer is used to deliver pre-recorded messages with predictive dialing features. It automatically chooses the next number to call, which only takes a few seconds to complete in comparison to a human resource. Today’s auto-dialers tend to have advanced features, such as the automatic filtering of unproductive numbers (such as non-responsive numbers). A reliable auto-dialer greatly improves sales opportunities and enhances business development.

Cold calling might appear to be an outdated marketing tactic in the digital age, but it still holds relevance and can prove to be a successful business generator if executed correctly. With the right strategies and methodologies in place, closing deals and generating business is possible just by picking up the phone.

Now, as an effective SALESPERSON! We can do three things from here.

1. Not ignoring the opportunity and blaming the situation for revenue loss.

2. Taking necessary notes and revisiting your sales strategy with a growth mindset.

3. Reach out to The DriveSales™ in case you need any specialized help.

To conclude, what you believe also provides some idea of your development as a consultative salesperson. For more, please be connected to team The DriveSales™ as these are the foundations for our culture and ways of working!




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