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Is it even possible to generate leads through twitter?

Yes, definitely. Twitter, being one of the oldest platforms on the internet, provides you with a huge number of opportunities through which you can generate leads. A report published by Omnicore in February 2020 said that it has 330 million monthly active users with about 500 million tweets sent per day. Also, it has over 152 million daily active users.

How is Twitter useful for businesses and salespersons?

All you need is the right marketing plan to use Twitter effectively for your business to increase sales by conducting successful social media campaigns, optimize customer service, and boost your brand recognition. Twitter provides you with the perfect research tool so that you can get a clear picture of your customers as well as competitors. It helps you to understand your customers’ issues and how your product can solve them.

What strategies should a salesperson adopt to generate leads through Twitter?

That’s exactly why we are here. Given below are some amazing strategies that will help you unlock the means of Twitter lead generation.

1) Create an excellent landing page — Twitter allows you to link a URL to your account. Most businesses make the mistake of directly linking the URL of their company’s website. People have busy schedules and therefore, they may not have time to go through the whole website. When you create an excellent landing page, it helps them to quickly see what interests them and understand you better.

2) Set objectives — Without an objective, you will find yourself mumbling around aimlessly and wasting your time. If you want a fruitful outcome, then it becomes necessary that you set clear objectives and move towards it seamlessly. Also, keep tracking your outcomes to stay in the right direction.

3) Use hashtags — As we know about 500 million tweets are sent per day, so you must stand out to achieve the desired results. The question is how? The secret is to use the right hashtags. Anticipate which hashtags would be relevant to your prospects and use them in your tweets to gain more visibility.

4) Include motivational quotes in your tweets — Prospects get attracted to positive vibes. The best way to radiate positive vibes through your tweets is to include motivational quotes. Motivational quotes have a great impact on your prospect’s mind and leave a good image of yours.

5) Take the conversation out of Twitter — While you can get numerous leads through Twitter, it is almost impossible to close a deal just by conversing on Twitter. You must go beyond Twitter and converse through emails, calls, etc. This gives you a better shot at closing the deal.

6) Add value to your tweets — Tweeting links are important to add value especially in the case of product-related tweets. But, sometimes adding too much value in the form of images, links or characters makes your tweet clumsy and unappealing for your prospects. Your tweet should not only be relevant but also visually attractive for your prospects.

7) Build relationships first — Although it is time-taking, it can render amazing results at the end. The most common mistake made by salespeople is that they directly make their pitch to their prospects. Firstly, it is important to know your prospect and build a relation to understand their needs better. Then, make your pitch exactly at the right time when you find the rod is hot.

8) Think from your prospect’s point of view — Do not just sit there thinking you did the best you could. Try to think from your prospect’s point of view. Would your tweet grab your attention if you were in the place of your prospect? Would you be satisfied and convinced by your pitch if you had to buy your product? If you get a no in answer, then optimize your strategy and try again.

9) Always add a call-to-action — A call-to-action is necessary to give your prospects the right direction to move forward. They may see your tweet, get impressed, and then forget. If you want them to take a particular action after they go through your Twitter profile or a particular tweet, then tell them by including a call-to-action.

10) Post regularly — Posting regularly is essential to stay in the minds of your prospects. But, posting regularly does not mean that you should overload your prospects with tweets. This would just irritate them, and they might stop looking at your tweets completely. So, make sure that you do not post too frequently nor too often.

Now, as an effective SALESPERSON! We can do three things from here.

1) Ignoring the opportunity and blaming the situation for revenue loss.

2) Taking important notes and going back to revisit your sales strategy with the growth mindset.

3) Reaching out to us if you need any specialized help for sales.

To conclude, what you choose to think also provides some idea of your development as a consultative salesperson. It is something like Robert Collier’s quote, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”




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