The DriveSales™ | Sales strategy for Multilevel marketing (MLM) and network marketing companies to seek more customers!

Here are the proven and highly recommended sales practices for Multilevel marketing (MLM) and network marketing companies to seek more customers:

1) Find your target market — While sticking on to your friends and family for every sale you make feels easy, they can often destroy your relations. It’s important to consider not to nag them but go out in the market to make sales. You can tell your friends about the business you are into and how those products are, so if they are interested, they could approach you.

2) Be genuine — While a lot number of times putting up lacy flowers and exaggerated essences might feel good and even end up making good sales. But if the product isn’t as good as described, people would never go for it the second time and also stop trusting you. Hence it’s necessary to make genuine deals and be completely honest about your products to consumers, so It would be they who could choose you and not you who fool them.

3) Create newsletters — Newsletters could work like a daily or a monthly brochure to your potential customers who would be interested in buying your product. They can often check out what’s happening in your company and what variety of products you could interest them. And that would be the smoothest way to get access to people’s minds and be in regular touch with them.

4) Better your marketing approach every day — While meeting people and making deals every day in a scripted format might seem very comfortable and easy, necessary to better your marketing game everyday. People might not just see a better product but also a better sales representative and make better contacts with them. Make growth the very best concept.

5) If not today, let it be tomorrow — Never hush up to make sales. Be confident with the information you provide let customers take their own (limited) time. Give them a little time to think about, and arrange a follow-up after a while, while also sending them newsletters. Guide them about your offers and show them what they would avail and then follow up with their decisions.

6) Always have more — Selling a packet of sauce wouldn’t make sense unless there are a few loaves of bread nearby. Sell people products they could use and give them options for everything. Don’t let it be just about the tokens you have brought from above but also focus on providing customers with value and enriching them with a better taste.

7) Solve problems — A product wouldn’t make sales if it’s just similar to the other packages. And to tell people to shift from the old brand they have used for years wouldn’t be easy. And hence before you make answers, ask questions. Ask people about the problems they have, dandruff in their hair, or their shoes never fitting fine, their clothes remaining always dried, those windshields never working. Ask them about their pain points and come up with the best solution that your product already has. Make it less about you and more about them.

8) Ask for referrals — Any time you meet a client or a potential client for training or selling, never hesitate to ask them for connections, for people who can help. May it be someone who might need that product or a person who could be part of your MLM circle, always get in contact with them and never be shy to get social.

9) Grow your circle — Either by using social media or by using physical connections, always focus on expanding your network. Create social media handles for your respective brand and keep posting regularly with value enriched content and also handle person to person meetings with clients and customers. Face to face meetings could help the business run a lot smoother and build up the trust factor among people.

Now, as an effective SALESPERSON! We can do three things from here.

1. Not ignoring the opportunity and blaming the situation for revenue loss.

2. Taking necessary notes and going back to revisit your sales strategy with a growth mindset.

3. Reach out to The DriveSales™ in need of specialized help.

To conclude, what you perceive also provides some idea of your development as a consultative salesperson. It is something like Amit Kalantri’s quote, “Networking isn’t how many people you know, but how many people know you.”




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The DriveSales™ | Making Sales Stories Promising!

The DriveSales™ | Making Sales Stories Promising!

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