The DriveSales™ | Sales strategy for promoting YouTube channel and add more followers!

Here are the proven and highly recommended sales practices to promote a YouTube channel:

1) Use SEO — Search engine optimization isn’t just a trick used for googling but also YouTube. And while nearly more than 500 videos get uploaded on YouTube every minute, you might have to do put more than just a few catchy phrases to rank up on YouTube. You can research the popular keywords of your niche and try inserting them in your video appropriately.

2) Have catchy titles — Click baits are a big no-no. But you can frame up the title in a catchy and appealing way to attract more people. As in a way, that appeals to your audience and doesn’t consume much of the alphabet. Appealing most straightforwardly to the people and also giving the audience a small intro of what the video holds.

3) Interconnect your social media handles — Connecting your accounts on various popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, or even promoting your post on WhatsApp stories, could help you get a lot of views and subscribers in every place. And by present on more than just one platform, you could safeguard the number of connections, if by any bad luck you lose on one platform.

4) Collaborate — Collaboration is the key to most of the content writer’s marketing circles. When you approach people and make shared content with them, you reveal yourself to a similar kind of social circle, and there is a high chance of being noticed and getting in good reach from people.

5) Run free contests and giveaways — By running a competition on social media, you don’t just approach your existing subscribers. But get in their circles by asking them to promote your content and do a few little things that could favor your accounts, like commenting to win a gift hamper. It could bring in a lot of potential subscribers and also showcase your channel as a brand.

6) Go live — Streaming live on YouTube could help you a lot in engaging with your subscribers and have an emotional connection with them. So, people don’t just see you as someone who makes videos on certain things but also as an individual with perspectives. As in this way, they could connect to you on a personal level and also be there with you for a longer time, making the interactions even healthier.

7) Create playlists — Depending upon the kind of niche you make videos on, you could choose to design your playlists in a way that your potential subscribers could have a glance. Like if you are someone who posts about automobiles, you could make videos on basics and create a playlist for them, one for intermediate, advanced, and also put out must-know things about automobile/fashion, etc.

8) Provide value and make shareable content — No video would ever hit the sky if, doesn’t help people in some way, or brings up value to them. Hence don’t share content that others are sharing just for the need but to post content you are mastered in, in the right set of ways. Through multiple small clips or a single video with promo, you could find a variety of ways in which you could approach people and keep them hooked to your content. Provided the content is noteworthy and insightful.

9) Choose a specific niche and understand the analytics — Putting content in a variety of genres that might reach various people, it would work even better to have a base in one to attract a similar set of consumers. And while you might share videos of yoga, business branding, and nutrition all at the same time. People will get confused about what exactly they should expect out of you. Hence, it’s necessary to build up a base and revolve around and understand its analytics.

10) Be consistent and take your time — Posting regular content on your YouTube platform lets you tube know that you are an active member. And while old videos might get a good reach but also for as long as the time goes without you posting in content, it’s going to be easy for people to forget you and dive into some more popular account. Hence for you, to promote your channel, it’s necessary to make content, not daily or five times a week but at least 3. And post quality content in your own time, which is indeed limited.

Now, as an effective SALESPERSON! We can do three things from here.

1. Not ignoring the opportunity and blaming the situation for revenue loss.

2. Taking necessary notes and going back to revisit your sales strategy with a growth mindset.

3. Reach out to The DriveSales™ if you need any specialized help.

To conclude, what you come to believe also provides some idea of your development as a consultative salesperson. It is something like Paulo Coelho’s quote, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”




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